Our wedding party

Our wedding party is full of amazing friends and family. Literal "family" as in both of our brothers and two cousins of Ryan, but really we consider all of our friends in the wedding party "family" and can't imagine life without them! We are so happy and excited that they are able to share our special day with us on July 13th! See below for details on our favorite people:

Sara 's attendants
  • Emily Jacoby, Matron Of Honor
    Friend since middle school. A Bestie and Oldie but Goodie ;) I was the Maid of Honor in her 2012 weddings! She was one of my Panama City HS senior spring break ladies. We also took a trip to San Diego in 2005 as well. She is "talk on the phone friend" when I need to chat or vent and is probably the best listener ever who gives the best advice. She is also my "newest mommy" friend of cute little almost-one-year-old Carter!
  • Aurora Lybeck, Bridesmaid
    Friend since middle school. A Bestie and Oldie but Goodie ;) I was her Bridesmaid in her 2011 wedding!
    She was also one of my Panama City High School spring break ladies. We also took a trip to San Diego together in 2005. She is my "keep it real" friend who has stuck by me through everything. Lives the furthest from me right now (STL) where she is now my "Doctor" friend that I brag about ;) Dr. Aurora Lybeck: Emergency Medicine!
  • Kristine Howell, Bridesmaid
    Friend since high school. A Bestie, and Oldie but Goodie ;) I was her Bridesmaid in her 2008 wedding!
    It started way back with colorguard and cruisin in the ol' Blazer(?)..(aka "the Beast"), and the rest is history. Now with me back in Madison and her in Milwaukee, we have stayed true friendship over distance and can pick it up like it was yesterday! She was also my very first very close friend to become a "new mommy" to cute little man Jalen who is already three years and my Ring Bearer!
  • Sarah Pelgrin, Bridesmaid
    LONGEST known friend since...wait for it...Preschool! A Bestie and Oldie but Goodie ;) We have been called "Sar-HA and Sar-A", "Partners in Crime", "Sara(h) 1&2", "Beer Babes"-(Beer servers at the Mallards baseball games), and of course, "The Sara(h)s". She was one of my Panama City post-high school spring break ladies. We have matching best friend four-leaf clover tattoos on our right feet that we got when we were 21 years. She is my "texting" friend who I have spent countless fun nights out with and probably have the most memories with!
  • Ashley Schroeder, Bridesmaid
    Friend since right after high school, since 18 years old; a Bestie and soon-to-be Oldie but Goodie ;) We met through mutual friends in Madison, worked at Big Bowl Asian Kitchen together, and later moved to Milwaukee together and became roommies. We have also worked together doing banquet functions and serving in Milwaukee. Now me back in Madison, and her still in Milwaukee, we have kept our friendship strong over distance and can pick it up like we saw each other yesterday!
  • Melissa Krainz, Bridesmaid
    Friend since I've been 20 years old. A Bestie, and soon-to-be Oldie but Goodie ;) We worked together at Big Bowl Asian Kitchen and Joey's Seafood & Grille together. She has been my "running friend" forever; we have run seven races together. (She hurt her knee badly during our last race, a mud run, and I pray she will fully recover to continue to be my running buddy!) She moved from Madison to Green Bay in 2008(?) and we have kept our friendship strong over distance and can pick it up like it was yesterday!
  • Gretchen Heberling, Bridesmaid
    Friend since we were 22 years old. A Bestie and soon-to-be Oldie but Goodie ;) She has been my "hair stylist friend" for over over six years now giving me many different, pretty 'dos and is now the proud co-owner of a hair salon franchise called Fantasic Sams! I have known her just as long as I've known Ryan. She is my only good friend who rides and has her own horses!
  • Katie Blaska, Other
    There should be a Personal Attendant role above but there was not. I have only known Katie for a couple years now, but I feel like I've known her forever! She is Ryan's brother's girlfriend and already feels like one of the family. I can't wait for her to be my future "sister-in-law" ;) We have so much in common, such as just finishing school this year! Thanks Dan (Ryan's brother) for bringing her into my life!
  • Lizzie Schaefer, Flower Girl
    We have gotten to see Miss Lizzie grow up to be a smart, spunky six year old and big sister to her youngest two-year-old sister, Brianna. Ryan has been friends with Lizzie's dad Joe for many years now, since high school. Ryan and I and Joe and his wife Amanda have become very close over the years and we do many activities together such as Dells resorts, HoChunk powwow camping trips, going out to eat, and celebrating adult and kid birthdays. We thought Lizzie would be the perfect "Indian Princess :) Flower Girl"!
Ryan's attendants
  • Dan Capadona, Best Man
    Older brother, "big bro". He has been there for me through everything. In our childhood, he became a black-belt in karate, so I always had to watch my back so he wouldn't "take me down"! Even so, he always had my back when it came to things I needed or just brotherly love. He is an amazing computer guy who has taken care of my technology needs for my new business. We have done countless fun things together in our adulthood. I'll always look up to him! Sara is also excited to be his new "sister"!
  • Ben Markley, Groomsman
    Younger brother of Sara, who has also become a good friend and "brother" of mine. He is the proud owner of Gunner, his bull terrier who is also the son of Alize and Tyson...one big happy family. We've had several fun outings over the years together such as camping and golfing. Ben and I have worked together on some house projects such as doors, trim, windows, and Steve & Holly's recently built new deck!
  • Adam Beckwith, Groomsman
    Friend since 2006; worked for 7 years at OCI Builders with him. Prior to OCI, we had crossed paths working at another company together, RC Builders, however only knew of each other. Little did we know we'd become so close later on. He is now a best friend and favorite golf partner. We both have a "small" golf obsession, so it's nice to get done with a hard day's work and hit the course for a round of 18, or better yet, all-you-can-golf rounds at the Oaks Golf Course!
  • Joe Schaefer, Groomsman
    Friend since high school. Joe is a great family man who juggles home life well with his large family. Had many great memories over the years. Have done many things with their family and Sara and I such as camping at the HoChunk powwow grounds, doing Wildnerness Resort or other Dells resort weekend trips, Brewer games, cookouts, and other outings. Recently became my business partner in our venture with RYOE Builders, LLC, specializing in decks, doors, windows, trim, basements, and our latest, framing. It's a busy summer!
  • Billy Gilbertson, Usher
    One of my older cousins, and great father of two. Been there through fun, crazy, family times over the years. Billy lives in Sun Prairie so its a nice short drive away if we felt the need to get some wings or a drink. Hope to do more stuff together in the future!
  • Ben Simon, Usher
    Husband of my cousin Jamie and father to three great children. He is a funny guy who knows how to have a good time. Have spent countless family gatherings with him, including of course, Uncle Mike's guitar-playing and singing. He and Jamie actually got married at Olbrich too a while back!
  • Jalen Howell, Ring Bearer
    Sara has gotten to see little Mr. Jalen grow up to be a cute, smart three year old and almost big brother to a brother or sister in November! Sara has been friends with Jalen's mom for many years now, since high school. He's growing up so fast! We thought Jalen would be the perfect Ring Bearer!
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